ECUF Flasher 2021 + Manual

ECUF Flasher 2021 + Manual

Distinctive features of the flasher are high speed and reliability of operation, support for a large number of control units, convenient selection of the type of unit by make and model of the ECU. To date, the bootloader has no analogues in the global software market, since it is the most affordable software product supporting such a number of control units. Let us dwell on the capabilities of the various parts of the complex in more detail.

License for 1 PC.

Useful tips for working with breakage:

1. For Toyota, no matter what brand to choose, the main thing is that the firmware size matches the size of the selected brand. For example, you want to flash a Landcruiser and you have a firmware for it with a size of 892kb, you find a brand in Toyota where the same size is indicated, for example, Toyota Altis and you can write through this brand! And, too, everything will be OK, the main thing is that the IDs match and the firmware size!

2. Many will not find how to sew sim2k341 and Sim241, Sim240, Sim43. In the Tricore folder, select the Hyundai brand, there is the Sonata 2.7 model:

- Sim2k341 - we sew like MPC561

- Sim2k241 - we sew like Simens TC1767

- Sim2k240 - we sew like Simens TC1767

- Sim2k141 - we sew like Simens MPC561

- Sim2k43 - we sew like Simens C167

3. MT60 can be recorded as MT80 and everything will be fine.

What has already been really tested and what works:

- Kia rio 1.6 mt. bosh me 17.9.11 read 14min, write 2min.

- Nissan Patrol 5.7 2013, flashed from the Mini Full folder.

- Stitched on the fly Chevrolet Cruze block MT80 in 3 minutes.

- Stitched Mitsubishi ASX 1.8 easily and simply openport 2.0 through the outlet!

- Hyundai Asent 1.6 me17. 9. 21. In 5 minutes through the outlet Openport.

- Chevrolet EPICA 2.5 L, SIM2K-D160 recorded in 3 minutes.

- KIA Sportezh 2.0 2009 simk43 in 5 minutes stitched.

- Subaru impreza 2 liters. The hitachi unit is stitched through the socket.

- Sang Yong 2.0 PETROL by OBD Simk2k firmware recording 5 minutes.

- Hyundai Elantra 2006_m798 stitched in 7 minutes tuning firmware.

- Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4.0 2007 + openport. Done without any problems!

- Kia Cerato through the airbag outlet, counted recorded 2016.

- Toyota Camry 2.4 with Denso 32bhs768k 76F0038 canbus unit.

- Stitched airbag Nissan Juke xc2336b in about 10 minutes.

- 2013 MITSUBISHI Pajero Sport 2 5TD recorded in flight!

- Mazda 3 1.6 Denso unit. Recorded without problems!

- Nissan Tiana 2009g block Hitachi stitched without problems Openport.

- VW jetta 2006 1.6 simos 7.1 AM29F400 flashed in 3 minutes.

- Toyota Tundra nec 0070 successfully flashed!

- Opel Meriva a 1.6 Delco MT35E stitched without problems Scanmatik 2.

- Toyota land cruiser 200, 992kb recorded without any problems. Chosen as the Toyota Sequoia 5.7 i, 992kb.

- Kia Rio 3 2012 year, Block SRS 95910-4Y100 (95128) made without problems!

- Flashed Lexus LX470 on Euro2 module Toyota full. Everything is fine!

- Geely MK 1.5, via Cherie Tigo MT22U flashed from the MINI full folder.

- Stitched old MH8301F Montero Sport 3.5 L 2001, module Pajero.

- Greatwall Hover H3 2 liters on Hover H2 2.4 liters MT22U read and write flash eprom in 5 minutes.

- Toyota Corolla 1.6. 2008 stitched in about 5 minutes through the socket.

- Subaru Forester 2.0 i on the table. The car did not go. Read SSM, write kline.

- Land Cruiser 200 4.5 D 2016 year. Dump 992 kb. Made as LC200.

- Lifan Solano 1.5 ME17. 8. 8. Read the Lifan X60 1536kb tab. In fact, the full 1572kb is calculated. Read 33 minutes, write 10 seconds.

- Checked the work of Hyundai Solaris 1.6 automatic transmission 2018 year Bosch 17.9.21. Recorded without problems!

- Kia Sportage 3 2014 V. SIM2K241 recording only, about 4 minutes. When reading, an error will appear.

- Flashed Infinity fx37 sh7059 from the minifull folder. Control does not consider, we do it ourselves.

- Land Cruiser 200 4.6 stitched through the socket in 4 minutes!

- Toyota Camry 2.4 recorded in 5 minutes, and read in 10 minutes.

- Niva 1,7 8v bosch 17.9.7 stitched tab vaz kalina 1.6 16v.

- Toyota Rav4 2.0 stitched tab from rav4 2.4.

- Chevrolet Cruz 1.8 16V Simtek 76 recorded without problems folder Mini Full.

- Mitsubishi Galant 2002 USA 2.4 AT, melco8305f stitched openport without any problems.

- Kia Cerato AT meg7.9.8 recorded the mod in a couple of minutes.

- Nissan Patrol 5.6 i 2012, HITACHI unit. Considered Nissan FULL. Recorded Mini FULL folder.

- Nissan Patrol 5.6 2010 sh705927n read / write from minifull folder. Made without problems.

- Mitsubishi Lancer 9, 2 liters, ECU SH7052-recorded and counted through Mitsubishi Lancer 9 1.6 liters!

- Recorded two Lancer 9. one 1.6 AT with a percentage of 8306f. the second is 2.0 MT with a SH7052 processor. Sewed scanmatik 2 Pro.

- Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 Simtec 76.1 flashed in 3 minutes!

- Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.7 v6. The block is read and written on the table by the MH8305F 512kb boot-pin tab.

- Flashed Toyota Hilux 2016g 2.4 tab toyota FULL. I chose as 2.8, since the processor is the same as in 2.4.

- Hyundai Tucson 2006 2.0 i SIMK43 R/W, ok recorded without a key in 7 minutes!

- Kia Ceed 15 years in 5 minutes recorded on OBD2.

- Toyota Avensis 2006 2.2 D W / CS-stitched in about 10 minutes. Tatrix Openport 2.0 was used.

- Another Toyota Corolla 1.8 was recorded in 3 minutes.

- Srs toyota LC200 made in flight! Iprog kills this block, breaking off flasher made - no problem!

- Clearing the crash date for OBD2 RENAULT DUSTER end of 2017 was successful.

- Recorded Toyota Rav4 2.5 American in 3 minutes tab Camry 2.4 992 kb.

- Flashed Toyota Camry 2.0 with the usual Chinese Openport 2.0 in just 5 minutes.

- Toyota LC200 2019 4.5 D OpenPort 2.0-Flashed without problems. Folder in Toyota's flasher, 992kb block 76F0060.

- Flashed Hyundai Solaris 1.6 2017 on Euro2 + Tune from Paulus with the Bosch ME17 unit.9.21.

- Lexus GX460 stitched on Euro2, folder Toyota Full, made as Lexus LX570.

- Loaded the firmware in Cruze 1.8 Simtec 76.1 with the mini-full tab in 3 minutes!

- Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.7 2012 V. stitched with a flasher without a key under Euro2 + TUNE in 5 minutes!

- Nissan Almera Classic 1.6 2008 stitched without problems in 5 minutes.

- Sewn Daewoo Gentra 1.5 block MT60 was recorded tab MT80.

- Jeep Compas 2.4, Continental GPEC2 unit, stitched on the table, subtracted eeprom and flash, OBD is not done.

- Chip tuning by OBD Prius 2010 in 5 minutes, Dialink adapter.

- Huyndai Santa Fe 2.4 2013, SIM2K - 341 MPC561 unit flashed in 10 minutes.

- Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 2.7 liters 2011 stitched in 10 minutes openport original.

- Bosch 17.9.71 UAZ Hunter flashed through powerbox without problems!

- Kia Optima 2.4 USA 2012 block Sim240 read 20 minutes, write 4. Sew as rfr TC1767 from the Tricore folder. There we choose Hyundai Sonata 2.7

- Mercedes sprinter 909. On the table was recorded Bosh EDC17CP57 using PowerBox.

- Opel Astra H 2007 recorded tuning euro2 per minute. Reading minutes 5. DELCO MT35E block.

- Made in a couple of minutes pillow Logan 2 on the outlet.

- Chevrolet Orlando 2012 1.8 AT Simtec 76.1 READ 3 minutes WRITE 40 seconds.

- Peugeot Boxer 2.2 SID208 is flashed with DPF and EGR disabled (we must count the COP, the flasher does not count).

- Mitsubishi Galant VIII 2.0 MELCO MH7203FA 128kb Kline was stitched on Euro 2. (we do only through Kline, through CAN the block can fall asleep).

- SsangYong KYRON 150l. s 2.3 L gasoline, read 20 mniut, write 12. Find ECUF-Honda, then select SsangYong>Musso>2.3.

- CM2220 Gazel Next 2013 flashed by flasher without a key in 20 minutes by OBD2! Honda Folder->toolbox.

- Nissan Almera 2005 1.6 sh705513n read 15 minutes write 10 minutes Openport 2.0.

- Flashed Mersedes w203 c220cdi edc15c6 tab vito, read failed. Wrote scanmatic no problem!

- Nissan X-Trail Hitachi SH705520N read 3 minutes, write 15 minutes OpenPort 2.0.

- Mitsubishi Outlander 2007 2.0 L MT Melco MH8206F 256kb AUX BOOT PIN Successfully read and flashed by minifull tab Tool Box.

- Mitsubishi montero sport 3.0 (MH8302F), flashed the tool box tab, mini full folder on the table! I used openport 2 ori, boot took with its aux.

- Octavia 1.9 EDC16U34 read/wrote by flasher with sm2pro. Everything is fine.

- Nissan Juke 1.6 117 strong, Hitachi 7058 unit, mini full folder, dialink read 3 minutes, write also 3.

- Suzuki Swift 2008 (can) SH7055 read and recorded without problems by OBD.

- Nissan QASHQAI 2009, 2.0, Mini full folder, record, no problem by OBD. Recording 14 minutes.

- Hyundai/SantaFe/2.7 V6 / DELPHI MT38 TC1775 1984kb made by OBD2 without problems!

- Tagaz tager, 2.3 reads and writes without problems through the Honda folder.

- Sim2k 245 optima 2.0 2018 write and read without problems on OBD2.

- Ts1724 bosch 17971 UAZ record break ON the table!


- Honda Accord 2.4 AT 2006 with Matsushita 37820 unit-RBB balls read and stitched on OBD2.

- Chevrolet Aveo with E83 unit sewn without problems on OBD2 in 5 minutes.

- Ford Focus FF3 2.0 is also sewn on OBD2, MED17 block.

- Delphi MT22U-read-wrote on the table without problems.

- Opel Astra Turbo ACDelco E78 reading 1h20 min, recording 2min. Adapter sm2pro and OP2, chipset does not work.

- Sewn by OBD2 Infiniti m45 2008 4.5 v8, using the Scanmatik 2 pro adapter.

- Nissan Micra 1.4 recorded firmware on OBD2 without problems.

- Stitched Nissan Qashqai 2011 2.0 l on the machine, MEC932.470 ECU inside Hitachi GE21396-c, 64F7055F40 processor. Through the OBD module 7055 CAN, filled in the mod, the same flasher recalculated the COP.

- Folder Honda, Opel Antara 2013 2.2 block DCM3. 7 made by OBD2. Reading 5-7 minutes, Write for 3 minutes.

- Opel antara 2,4 2012 mt ecdelco5 e37. Write succeeds, with the help of broke off the Delco folder. The firmware is made on the basis of stock, full flash recording.

- Cadillac Esacalade 6.2 L recorded on the socket without problems, ECU Delco e38.

- Infiniti ex25 2.5 stitched through the folder Mini Full through the model Nissan QASHQAI. Record 3 minutes.

- Infinity QX56 2012 read 7 min. and recorded 10 min. minifull SH7059 fans are not included.

- Fx50s read and written minifull fans are turned on.

- Subaru Impreza 2.0 2010 reading 5 minutes, the record is 40 seconds. Made from the Honda Folder.

- Opel Vectra C 2002 Simtec 71.5 made by OBD, read and write for 5 minutes, Delco folder.

Designed only for experienced users, DO NOT BUY if you do not know how to work with it. We do not have additional instructions or user guide.

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